Current Youth & Family Classes & Events

Our Youth & Family community is designed for families to co-voyage a journey of conscious living together. During our Sunday Celebration Service, youth ages 0-12 explore safe and brave space, connecting to other youth while practicing affirmations, meditation, art expression and movement, fostering an environment of self awareness.

If you’re interested in joining our Sacred Service team supporting our Youth & Family community, please let us know.

Sunday Celebration Youth & Family Offerings

  • Childcare available for volunteers serving at 8a
  • Childcare available for meditation participants at 9a
  • Youth programming available from 9:45a – 11:15a
  • Youth gathering spaces are located at 1012 N. Noble St. Chicago, IL 60642

Ages 0-5
2nd floor Nursery
A safe and sacred space for our young ones to explore, promoting self-awareness and independence through creative play.

Ages 5-9
Burnside Hall
Through experiential activities including stories, games, creative arts, and movement, youth build self-awareness and explore conscious practice in their daily lives.

Ages 10-12
Burnside Hall
Through discussion, video clips and experiential activities, youth apply spiritual truths to live a more empowered and inspired life.

Ages 13-18
2nd floor Burnside Hall
Bodhi teens engage directly with the community through Sacred Service, monthly meet ups, and seasonal camps. Conscious Leadership for Teens meets on the 4th Sunday of every month from 10 – 11:15a. On the remaining Sundays, teens are encouraged to attend Sunday Celebration Service for powerful messages from dynamic thought leaders, including our own Lola Wright.

Conscious Leadership for Teens

As teens are moving through stages of increasing independence, it’s an ideal time for them to begin the journey of living a life of 100% responsibility, approaching every circumstance from a place of openness and curiosity. In these sessions, teens practice communicating with authenticity and candor, feeling feelings all the way through, speaking the unarguable truth, and making clear agreements. With these tools, teens can apply spiritual principles to every area of life — school, relationships, health and well-being, personal finances, and one’s inner world.