Pay Attention To The Presence – Lola Wright

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This Sunday Lola Wright closed our January Series, “It’s All About You” with her talk, “Pay Attention to the Presence.” Listen, watch, or read now.

So, this place exists, and these teachings exist so that you and I can develop spiritual character and awareness, so that we can walk in this life experience paying attention to presence, to the presence, rather than paying attention to circumstance. When circumstance is all we can see, it is depressing, it is worrisome, it is anxiety-producing. But when I know that there is a power greater than that which I can see, that is coursing through me, in me, as me, then I can take a breath.”

We can start to orient our perspective such that we can create the life that is a resonant match for who we’re here to be. And then be a contribution on the planet, and support others in doing the same.” – Lola Wright



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