Lola P. Wright

CEO & Spiritual Director
Lola Wright is a Chicago original, born and raised. As CEO and Spiritual Director, Lola engages change agents and explorers locally and around the world. Lola is a fierce and loving leader who serves as a lightning rod for individual transformation in service of collective awakening. She supports leaders and disruptors in expanding their capacity for influence and impact. She is a master excavator of the subconscious mind, the soul, and serves humanity through a devotional practice to liberation. Lola’s work confronts the lie of separation, the addiction to woundedness and the violence of oppression. One of Lola’s great areas of genius is her willingness to practice candor from a place of love and contribution.
Lola is the founder of “Normal white people.” a platform designed to deconstruct racism among white identified people., she is a member of the Leadership Council of The Association for Global New Thought founded by mentor and friend Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, a member of the Chicago Ideas Brain Trust, and a May 2019 TedXChicago speaker.
In addition to the soul salve that Lola provides her clients and community she is the mama bear of four kids ages 21 to 7. Lola and her husband Nathan are master practitioners of the mundane. They are committed to learning with and through each other and see their partnership as their greatest transformational tool.
Lola is fed by connecting with other human beings committed to aliveness and absolutely knows that Life is an extraordinary journey. Her love of human beings inspires her meditation practice and the value she places on stillness. Lola’s powerful presence is an exquisite experience of passion, purpose, and practice.

Abigail Sutkus

Coordinator of Care
Abigail Sutkus is a certified life coach and meditation instructor with a love of sunshine and salsa dancing and an uncanny ability to recall every bite of delicious food she has ever eaten. She is fueled by prayer, authentic communication, and annual retreats to Sedona where she recharges in the nourishing energy of the red rocks. Abigail earned her Master’s Degree in Spirituality in 2000, writing her thesis on the power of circles to strengthen participants’ connection to themselves, each other, and Spirit. As Coordinator of Care at Bodhi, she is committed to anchoring and deepening the structures of support within the community as well as to expanding opportunities for intimacy and belonging.

Jaye Ratio

Coordinator of Community Engagement
Jaye, non-binary (they/them), is a lover of science fiction, pop music, and performs a fierce lip sync. Bringing an effervescent and uplifting energy to everything they do, Jaye’s passion for personal and community development makes them the perfect fit as our Coordinator of Community Engagement. Jaye felt welcomed, cherished, and championed by our community and holds that standard as the desired experience for all visitors and community members of Bodhi.

Toni Anderson

Coordinator of Youth & Family
Toni Anderson is a southside Chicago native dedicated to healing and bringing equity to the spaces supporting and threatening climate & culture. Ms. Anderson is an urban ecologist, spiritualist and founder of Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab and Mindful Rant, organizations dedicated to healing and supporting the spaces between climate and culture as a vehicle for providing youth with the tools they need to be agents of mindful social, environmental change and proactive community engagement.  Ms. Anderson is a human emergence practitioner, coach and facilitator of participatory leadership design, transforming planning and practice process across personal and organizational development. Toni is a trained facilitator, achieving certifications as an Advanced Youth Development ™ and Circle Keeper ™ practitioner and is currently pursuing a license as a Technology of Participation ™ (ToP) facilitator from the Institute of Cultural Affairs. She is also a trained Zen Shiatsu practitioner.

Nick Cartwright

Technical Coordinator
Nick Cartwright is a local audio-visual technician, live sound engineer, and indie rock musician.  He had his start doing on-set audio recording and post-production audio and video for short films, a successful YouTube music news channel, and interning at a major broadcast & media production studio.  His work has been featured in Chicago 48 Film Fest, Brain Frame ‘Performative Comix Readings’, Desperado LGBT Film Fest, CNKY Film Fest, Pride Films & Plays’ Queer Bits Film Fest, and on television, radio, and YouTube for tens of thousands of people to see and hear.  You can find him around Chicago mixing sound and performing at various rock venues and at Bodhi Spiritual Center on Sunday mornings running audio-visual.

Ameerah Tatum

Music Director
Ameerah began performing publicly at the age of 10 with 3 of her 5 older sisters. She says she didn’t choose her career as a performer, it chose her. Ameerah’s path has taken her around the world touring as a lead and backup singer and a dancer with artist Stevie Wonder and other music industry notables like: Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and The Brand New Heavies, just to name a few. Growing up in the New Thought paradigm, and being a yoga practitioner and instructor for over 20 years, are integral to her consciousness and way of being.

About Our Board of Directors

Bodhi Spiritual Center is supported by a group of dedicated and inspired community members. These members serve consciously to see that the organization fulfills its mission. Our board of directors includes:

  • Nikki Bravo
  • Gordon Dickinson
  • Chance Patterson
  • Eileen Rhodes
  • Lola Wright