Domino’s (DPZ) is a pizza delivery chain that is gaining traction in the digital space. It has a large digital presence, an integrated supply chain, and robust delivery service. However, its stock has fallen 30% year to date and is trading at pre-pandemic levels.

In 1983, a professor of physics named Lorne Whitehead published an article in the American Journal of Physics called “Domino ‘Chain Reaction’.” It was based on a simple premise: one domino can knock down another that is 50% larger than itself. This simple illustration showed how exponential growth can occur through sustained effort and constant iteration.

Leadership is critical for long-term success in any organization. It can help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact on your company.

It can also lead to significant revenue gains, boosting your bottom line. It’s also a great way to build trust with your team members, as you can show them how much you value their efforts and expertise.

Management, on the other hand, is more bureaucratic and can be frustrating for employees. It is also more difficult to get buy-in on new initiatives and change direction if you’re a manager.

The best managers are leaders who can connect with their team. They can encourage the team to work together, and they can also give everyone a chance to speak up when they have ideas or concerns about the business.

Leaders who can inspire and motivate their team to do more are crucial for long-term success in any organization. In a recent episode of Undercover Boss, Domino’s CEO Don Meij took the initiative to solve a problem with a delivery driver who was out of shape and didn’t have air conditioning in his car.

It’s a good idea to think about what you’re passionate about and how that could apply to your career at Domino’s. You can even use that as part of your cover letter to help you stand out from the competition and grab a potential employer’s attention.

Your next step should be to plan out a design of your dominoes. This can be as simple as a straight line or curved line that forms a picture when it falls, or it can be a three-dimensional structure like a tower or pyramid.

Once you have your idea, calculate how many dominoes it will take to complete the design. Doing so can help you determine how many dominoes to order from your local Domino’s store or online.

Creating your domino designs is an art form in itself. The most intricate installations take a lot of time and careful planning. But if you can put in the time, you can create a mind-blowing display for your office or home.

The biggest challenge is finding the right balance between creative design and a solid understanding of how to set up the dominoes. Hevesh uses a version of the engineering-design process to make sure her creations function properly before she starts putting them up. She first makes test versions of each section to make sure they all fall correctly, and then she assembles them all into one big installation. She films her tests so she can make precise adjustments if anything goes wrong.

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