Supporting Our Community

Bodhi Certified Coaches support individual and collective awakening – demonstrating transformation through the recognition of the creative power within.

Our coaches are trained and certified by Bodhi to practice professionally, and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy.

Please contact a coach directly to inquire about individual services.

As the supporting arm of our community, we offer:

  • Quick Shift Affirmations
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Meditation
  • Visioning
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Ceremonies and Rituals
  • Weddings and Memorials

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Joan Coletto

Joan is passionate about serving the community and continuing her own expansion of consciousness. Since becoming a Certified Practitioner in 2008 she has worked with people from many different walks of life and has learned to allow her intuition to guide, lead and direct her as to how to facilitate the transformation they desire. Joan believes there are solutions to all of life’s challenges and is committed to supporting you in uncovering them. She works with clients in person, by phone and video call.


Gordon Dickinson

Gordon became a Certified Practitioner in September of 2018 and is continuing to expand his skills through study and practice of the tools of Conscious Leadership. Gordon has been actively involved in developing a strong Men’s Group at Bodhi and provides support to members of Sacred Circles through Bodhi’s Care Structure.  In the course of his studies, Gordon has reached a deep understanding that experience is a function of consciousness, that healing is truly a function of shifting beliefs. His experience has inspired him to support others on their journey of transformation.


Beth Gordon

Beth Gordon began her professional life as a physical therapist 33 years ago. She has gone on to become a yoga instructor, coach, personal trainer and most recently a Bodhi Certified Practitioner. Her skill set leaves her highly qualified to assist you on your journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Beth is available for private sessions in person, by phone, and video call. She leads a daily call, open to all, called Daily Inspiration.


Linda Jackson

Having experienced the benefits of her own transformation, Linda is inspired to share her passion by working with others on their personal growth journey. Linda’s core objective for her clients is that they recognize and use the Power within themselves to create the lives they desire. Whether you are working through a challenging time or a seeker on your path to expansion you will identify and release blocks, and establish powerful resources for your growth. Live to your fullest potential and share your best self with the world. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available in person, by phone or video call.


Dhamana Shauri

Dhamana Shauri sincerely enjoys assisting others to see possibilities they may not have imagined. Whatever the desire is, the solution lies in the application of Spiritual Principles. Changing thoughts changes lives. Take a journey of Faith and realize your wildest dreams. Dhamana provides services in person, by phone, email, and Skype.


Abby Sutkus

Abby has been devoted to personal transformation for over 20 years, earning her Masters Degree in Spirituality in 2000. She serves as the Coordinator of Care at Bodhi and is currently engaged in the study and practice of Conscious Leadership with Jim Dethmer. Along with being a Bodhi Certified Practitioner, she is a certified life coach and a meditation instructor. She is committed to deep presence with her clients, supporting them to release blocks and access the Wholeness and Freedom at the center of their being. She is available for sessions in person, by phone, or video call.


Rob Wozniak

Finding his way to Bodhi ten years ago through the rooms of recovery, Rob believes that there is a Power for growth and transformation available to all through Spiritual Practice. He guides clients to release limiting beliefs of the past and embrace the abundance, joy, and freedom that is their natural state. He is available for sessions over the phone and in-person.

 773 502-4921