The Power of Responsibility – Gaylon McDowell

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Listen, watch, or read Gaylon McDowell talk to the various ways we have “The Power of Responsibility” in our lives.

“The mind radiates thoughts and feelings and attracts people, places, and experiences that correspond to what we radiate. This is where the real responsibility kicks in because people don’t like to acknowledge that they are always radiating something and they’re always attracting something. We’re always planting seeds, seed thoughts, seed beliefs, seed feelings, and they show up as harvest, as life world and affairs.” – Gaylon McDowell

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The Power of Your Perception – Lola Wright

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Lola Wright opens up a new year and our new Monthly Series, “It’s All About You”, with her talk, “The Power of Your Perception.”

“There is no separate thing outside of you that is pulling the puppet strings of your life…The most sacred purpose that you have on the planet is to get deeply curious about you. The deeper your relationship is with yourself, the greater you can move on the planet.”

Read, listen, or watch her talk now.

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Burning Bowl and I’m Ready: Completing 2018 Consciously – Lola Wright

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If you missed it on Sunday, you can still participate in our annual Burning Bowl Service and get fired up for the new year ahead. Read, listen, or watch the service and Lola’s talk, “I’m Ready: Completing 2018 Consciously” now. Be ready with a piece of paper and a pen to write down and tear up all of the things you want to leave behind. Then, at the end, click the button below to fill out your 2019 Letter to the Universe.

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How to participate in this year’s Burning Bowl service

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This Sunday, join us for our annual Burning Bowl service where we collectively make space for the greatness ahead. We’ll start by burning away what we want to release. We’ll then write letters of personal gratitude to ourselves for all the experiences you’ll create in 2019, which will be mailed to you during 2019.

This year, you can join us ONLINE: Have a piece of paper ready to write down all of the things you want to release. Then be ready to rip it up. To submit your letter of personal gratitude, click below.

My 2019 Letter to the Universe