The Power of Responsibility – Gaylon McDowell

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Listen, watch, or read Gaylon McDowell talk to the various ways we have “The Power of Responsibility” in our lives.

“The mind radiates thoughts and feelings and attracts people, places, and experiences that correspond to what we radiate. This is where the real responsibility kicks in because people don’t like to acknowledge that they are always radiating something and they’re always attracting something. We’re always planting seeds, seed thoughts, seed beliefs, seed feelings, and they show up as harvest, as life world and affairs.” – Gaylon McDowell

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The Power of Your Perception – Lola Wright

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Lola Wright opens up a new year and our new Monthly Series, “It’s All About You”, with her talk, “The Power of Your Perception.”

“There is no separate thing outside of you that is pulling the puppet strings of your life…The most sacred purpose that you have on the planet is to get deeply curious about you. The deeper your relationship is with yourself, the greater you can move on the planet.”

Read, listen, or watch her talk now.

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Our January Series: It’s All About You

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You are an individualized expression of this vast and holy Universe. All that you encounter and all that you create is filtered through your lens of perception. To assert the creative power and presence that is within you can be both liberating and terrifying.

The creative power that resides at the center of your being is impersonal – it is a magnet drawing unto itself a match for your energetic field. It can be used for an experience that lifts you up or tears you down, you get to choose. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. It is time to love yourself wholly, honor yourself deeply and celebrate your unique expression on the planet.