The Youth & Family Ministry

The Youth and Family Ministry provides a safe and loving space for your children to connect with other children while learning the spiritual concepts you do during service. We teach affirmative prayer, meditation, forgiveness and gratitude through age appropriate activities, fostering an environment of self-empowerment through spiritual awakening.

Ages 0-5
A safe and sacred space for our young ones to explore, promoting self-awareness and independence through creative play.

Ages 5-9
Through stories, games, music, crafts and experiential activities, children learn to apply spiritual truth and practices in their daily lives.

Ages 10-12
Through discussion, video clips and experiential activities, youth apply spiritual truths to live a more empowered and inspired life.

Ages 13-18
Through experiential workshops and activities, teens explore spiritual principles and practices and how to apply them in their daily lives. Teen Group is an affirmative environment, providing a space for teens to express themselves, be seen and connect. Monthly outing including laser tag, bowling, six flags and more. Teens also attend Centers for Spiritual Living winter camp in NJ and summer camp in CA.