Get Involved. Get Connected.

Why Sacred Service?

Being in Sacred Service means considering your time and talent and the way that you circulate it as someone involved in our beLOVEd community. What we know is that when we serve, we are transformed. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out of our own needs and expand ourselves through serving the greater good. It will absolutely transform who you know yourself to be!

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About Our Sacred Service Teams

Welcome Team

Serves the community by infusing a spirit of welcome into greeting, welcoming of newcomers and receiving the offering. (Sundays)

Information Station

Communication Hub for the Community. This team handles everything from directions to registering community members for classes. (Sundays)

Youth and Family

Experience the joy of teaching spiritual principle to our most receptive audience—KIDS! Programs for children and youth of all ages. (Sundays)

Sunday Production

Prepare and run the technical aspects of the Sunday Celebration Service. (Sundays)

Prosperity Team

Anchors the prosperity consciousness of Bodhi by planning and managing the annual Committed Giving Drive. (As needed)

Special Projects

This group pulls together to provide administrative support to small and large projects. (As needed)

Parking Team

Welcome and assist community members in locating parking in the correct parking lots. (Sundays)