New Series For March: Truth Force

Rev. Lola, in her live Facebook video this morning, introduced our new series for March, “Truth Force.”

Truth Force is the English translation of “Satyagraha,” a Sanskrit word formed by Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian nonviolent liberation movement. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition articulates this practice as Fierce Love. The mystical Christian tradition is known as Loving Kindness. The New Thought articulation of “Truth Force” is known as Oneness. Gandhi often complained of “Christianity without Christ.”

March theme graphic final - 1800

As we continue to navigate the cultural and societal landscape of separation we are called to move beyond the constraints of conceptual and individual consciousness into a greater realization of practical spirituality and a collective consciousness of Oneness. What does Love In Action look like? Who are we each here to be as we birth a new paradigm in human and spiritual evolution?

Bodhi Spiritual Center

About Bodhi Spiritual Center

Bodhi Spiritual Center is a non-religious spiritual community in Chicago, IL. We awaken individuals to live their inherent power and purpose. Through unconditional love, creativity and conscious community, we reveal Oneness in service of the people of Chicago and beyond.


  • Seven says:

    ….and I thought I was excited about LAST months topic…..can hardly wait to get into this Truth Force topic….Go RevLo! 🙂

  • Karin says:

    Oh my – I am contemplating moving to Chicago! Amidst all of the sometimes forceful calls to take a stand for Inclusivity and creating a blueprint of what might work in a Church/ Spiritual Center, this one landed!
    I get it! Thank you for your courage and boldness.

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