2016 Financial Update

By August 16, 2016News

For this year’s financial update so far, please listen to the audio below and see the included facts and figures.

Monthly Contribution Income

  • 2016 YTD Average Monthly Contribution Income – $36,926/month
  • 2015 Average Monthly Contribution Income – $50,428/month
  • 2016 Budgeted Monthly Contribution Income – $44,000

YTD Profit & Loss

  • Expenses – $406,285.33
  • Income – $361,056.11
  • Total Net Income – ($45,229.22)

Average Sunday Attendance

  • 2016 Average Sunday Attendance – 182 *March – July*
  • 2015 Average Sunday Attendance – 178

Cost to Run Bodhi/Person

  • 2016 Budgeted Expenses – $800,000
  • $77/Sunday or $4,000/year based on 200 individual givers
  • $62/Sunday or $3,200/year based on 250 individual givers
  • $51/Sunday or $2,667/year based on 300 individual givers
Bodhi Spiritual Center

About Bodhi Spiritual Center

Bodhi Spiritual Center is a non-religious spiritual community in Chicago, IL. We awaken individuals to live their inherent power and purpose. Through unconditional love, creativity and conscious community, we reveal Oneness in service of the people of Chicago and beyond.

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  • Anne Rossiter says:

    Such important information, funding is all attendees’ responsibility…..all in the community might consider ways to help members get real about expectations of deliverables from the staff.

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