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Where The Realms Meet

Each of us are a perfect point of intersection where the infinite and finite meet. We are a spot on this vast and holy universe where the presence of the Infinite is expressing Itself uniquely as us. Every great master teacher, mystic and sage has invited us into a self-realization of our Divine nature.

From The Stream


Wednesday Wisdom: Are You Called Like Esther For A Time Like This?

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This week’s #WednesdayWisdom—following last week’s election and a holy “Oh, Hell No” from Rev. Lola Wright—comes from the Book of Esther, mentioned in Rev. Lola’s message last Sunday. It tells the story of a Hebrew woman born in Persia, Esther, who eventually is named queen by the ruling king, Xerxes. Learning of an impending massacre to her Jewish people within the kingdom, she successfully intercedes on their behalf, risking her own execution to ultimately become the savior of her people. Read More


BEing The beLOVEd Community: Creating “Fertile Ground” In Sacred Circles

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As Bodhi’s Coordinator of Care, I am committed to expanding the experience of intimacy and belonging within the community. Sacred Circles are #FertileGround for this. Sacred Circles are small groups that gather monthly to socialize, enjoy food, and dive into our monthly series through prayer, meditation, reflection, and sharing. I find Circles to be an opportunity for participants to witness and be witnessed—to support, uplift, and inspire one another as we show up authentically and anchor ourselves in Truth. Read More

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